15 July 2010

Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Palani Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is a protected area of Tamil Nadu in South India. To be more precise it is located in Dindigul District. Palani is named after a temple town of Palani located at the northern base of the Hills. A large number of tourists and nature lovers embark on wildlife safaris to the Palani Hills National Park.
The fauna in Palani maily comprises tropical forests and grassland and appropriate measures have been taken to conserve the rich fauna. The sprawling vegetation in the forest provides an ideal habitat for various species like elephants, Nilgiri tahr, gaurs, giant squirrels, wild boars etc. The rivers and lakes in the forest are habitat for a large number of fishes and attracts lot of animals during the summers.

idyllic time to visit this park is during October until March. The easy access to the park makes it more wanting to be visited by the tourists around the world.

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